Henry, Jasper And Evan Smith
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12 July 2006
19 weeks pregnant.  So excited!
26 July 2006
With no warning, Henry's waters broke at 21 weeks gestation.  At this point we were told we would deliver our 3 babies within 24 hours.
31 July 2006
Henry Tim Smith born in Sydney at the Royal Hospital for Women at 21 and a half weeks gestation.  Henry lived for one precious hour.
20 August 2006
Jasper Cotton Smith and Evan Cotton Smith born at 24 and a half weeks gestation.
25 August 2006
Great News!  Both Evan and Jasper were doing well and their chances of survival were now greater than 80%.
27 August 2006
Evan developed Pneumonia
28 August 2006
Evan suffered a large brain haemorrage.
29 August 2006
Evan passed away.  Our hearts broke.
1 September 2006
Jasper opened his eye!
2 September 2006
Father's Day!  Daddy did 'cares' for the first time.
9 September 2006
Mummy's first cuddle.  Jasper was 3 weeks old.
14 September 2006
Daddy's first cuddle.  Jasper was 3 weeks and 5 days old.
22 September 2006
Funeral service for Henry and Evan.
23 September
Jasper's only try at breast feeding.  Jasper was 5 weeks old.  A very happy day!
25 September 2006
Jasper had to be reventilated.  Chronic Lung Disease worsening.
16 October 2006
Jasper passed away.  Everybody in the hospital was devastated.  Everybody loved Jasper and believed he was a survivor.
26 October 2006

Funeral service for Jasper.  So many people came to say goodbye.

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